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Australia’s coffee trends

Jun 7, 2024 | Cheeky Devil Roasters

Coffee has become an integral part of daily life for many Australians. In a recent study we found that a significant proportion of Australians rely on coffee to start their day while others enjoy it for the mood-boosting effects. As preferences and habits vary across generations, coffee remains a beloved beverage that plays a central role in Australia’s culture.


Coffee as a daily necessity

One in four Australians (24%) cannot survive their life without coffee. For many it has become an essential component of their daily routine providing them a vital energy boost. It is Millennials (29%) and Gen X (31%) who are most likely to indicate they cannot survive the day without coffee while in contrast just 13% of Gen Z and 19% of Baby Boomers share the same sentiment. It highlights the varying degrees of reliance on coffee and the role it plays through different stages of life. 


Mood-enhancing brew

For other Australians, it is the enjoyment that keeps them returning to the beverage. Almost two in five Aussies (39%) indicate they enjoy coffee because it puts them in a good mood, uplifting the overall wellbeing of coffee enthusiasts. This is particularly true for younger Aussies where almost half of Gen Z (47%) and Gen Y (42%) agree that coffee puts them in a good mood (cf. 35% gen X, 34% Baby Boomers).


Café culture

While many Aussies make their coffee at home (78%), almost one in three purchase it from a café (32%). Young Aussies are more likely to purchase it from a café compared to their older counterparts (40% Gen Z, 41% Gen Y cf. 30% Gen X, 18% Baby Boomers).

For young Aussies, coffee is less of a necessity and more of a social experience. As Gen Z are less likely to rely on coffee to get them through the day, this generation is enjoying their coffee over catch-ups with friends at their go-to café.

Coffee continues to become intertwined with social interaction, aligning with Australia’s vibrant café scene and the cultural significance placed on shared coffee experiences.


Coffee spending habits

Two in five Australians spend less than $10 a week on coffee and almost four in five (78%) prefer to make their coffee at home, choosing to spare the price tag associated with a café purchased coffee.

Instant coffee (41%) and espresso coffee (freshly ground) (36%) is the most preferred coffee method for Australians.


Alternate milks on the rise

Full cream milk and skim milk are still the top milk preferences across every generation. However, alternate milks are rising. One in every five Gen Zs will order their coffee on oat milk, compared to one in every 50 Baby Boomers.

Coffee has become much more than a beverage for Australians and is an essential part of many Aussies daily routines providing an energising boost and mood-enhancing experience. As generations embrace coffee in different ways, it remains a key aspect of Australia’s culture, fostering social connections and creating memorable experiences. Whether brewed at home or savoured in local cafes, coffee continues to unite Australians through their shared appreciation of the beverage.


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