Sammy’s Secret


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This is a blend inspired by the love of a very special daughter.  It comprises three great coffee varieties from some of the most iconic coffee growing areas in the coffee world.

The base of this blend is from Brazil with the body and fullness of a great Brazilian Arabica. This is complemented with a bean from Columbia and a variety from Burundi in Africa.  These two additional coffees add fruitiness, flavour and certain characteristics not present in the Bean from Brazil.

Sammy’s Secret will work well as a black coffee but is great as a milk based drink, mostly suited to espresso style brewing.

Give this blend a “shot”, it may very well inspire you to pick up the phone to invite a friend to join you!

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Whole Bean, Espresso Grind, Stovetop Grind, Metal Filter Grind, Paper Filter Grind, Plunger / French Press Grind


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